Alexander Valley Wine Tour

There are three famous wineries in the Alexander Valley. Wine example The three names alone represent a wealth of winery experiences for visitors to Napa. If you are looking for the perfect way to enjoy a relaxing wine tour, you can't go wrong with a visit to any of these wonderful wineries. In fact, if you are a wine connoisseur and lover, you are well advised to visit these three fine wine regions at least once in your lifetime.

Alexander Wine Tours. Private Alexander Valley wine tasting trips take you to Northern Sonoma - an unassuming town divided by the beautiful Russian River and dotted with sprawling vineyards. Its unique history lends itself perfectly to the wine making process, creating some delicious and unique wines. In addition, this area is known for its exquisite wineries, so if you choose to take a visit there you can expect to be treated to some fine wines. The tasting can be arranged at a hotel, or you may choose to stay overnight and tour the vineyard by yourself.

Wine Country Tour. The wine country tour provides a unique opportunity for travelers to explore the full scope of the vineyard and winery experience. Wine illustration This tour includes an early morning guided walk around the vineyards, a lunch at a local restaurant and a tour of the wine cellars. This tour allows travelers to sample different types of grapes from various locations throughout the vineyards.

Winery tours also include a private view into the cellar, where the master vintner works on his wines. You will enjoy unlimited access to the master vintner's wine collection while you tour the area. You may also choose to explore the other buildings in the building and learn about the history of the building, such as how it was built and its significance to the area. You may even discover where the grapes are grown in the region, and what grapes are used to make the wines. There are often tours available in which you get to visit the cellar after the tasting tour.

If you prefer to experience the area by a self guided tour, then you may also select from a wine driving tour that offers the opportunity to tour the vineyards, winery, cellars and restaurants at your own pace, and time. You will receive a detailed itinerary that gives you an in-depth look at the various aspects of the wine making process, and also give you a chance to ask questions of the staff if you have any.

Alexander Valley Wine Tours is available all year round. Alexander art Visitors can tour the area between April and December for the most enjoyable time of the year. In fact, this is the peak season for wine touring. If you do not want to spend the night on the road, you can opt to go during the day instead and enjoy the sights and sounds along the Russian River valley.

The winter months are quite nice, and the Winery tours in Sonoma County are particularly popular during this time. You will find a vast array of wineries open for tours and tasting for the holidays and special occasions. A typical wine tasting tour of the Sonoma Valley takes you through the main wineries and visits the vineyards on a walking tour.

Wineries offer tasting packages that cover more than one winery. You may find a package that covers both the winery tours, including lunch and dinner, as well as the vineyard tours and tasting of the wines at each location. There are also tours that include wine tasting at the vineyards, tours of the winery cellar and even a helicopter ride over the entire area.